How would we bring truth and justice to the federal reserve?

I’m all for doing it. Trouble is…I don’t have any personal connections with the American government…my wife does, with her government, through family. So I’ve been contenting myself with what little ideas I can contribute, all the while thinking, how can I impact real change in my own country?

To start with, the corrupt banking system (Goldman, the fed, etc)…now, I think the trouble is, personally: Americans (older and younger than me) are FAR too ignorant to grasp the concept…even after reading about the AIG / Goldman scandal of how they essentially robbed us, with detail…it’s a bit hard to believe it all.

Ultimately, given the Federal Reserve started 100 ish years ago…they kicked off the whole mess, right? The Patriot Act encouraged a lot of Americans to give up some freedom for the “greater good” as they saw it…is there a similar act we can all perform to finally get the truth out in the open about how system is rigged?

Answer #1

The Fed needs to be shut down.

Answer #2

id love to chuck my 2 cents in [no pun intended] lol

but I know nothing of the american banking system :D

Answer #3

As few as five years ago… when I would mention the fact that our Federal Reserve Bank was a privately owned institution… I was met with general disbelief or blank stares. I began to deface five dollar bills with my message about the Federal Reserve… along with directions to a website where the true history and nature of the Fed could be found. The odd few knew the truth. This is no longer the case. Whenever I relay the information now I am received as if I had just given them last weeks weather forecast. I consider this a clarion call… the first step has been firmly established. People now know that our central bank is not really ours… but thats about the extent of it.

The reason is the main stream media… and this is our second problem to tackle. The pundits will routinely speak about the private Fed… now that it is a commonly held fact. Again… this was not the case about five years ago. The reason the main stream media now readily ascribes the truth to the bank is an attempt to remain relevant… however… there is more to the story.

There is an intimate connection between the media ownership and the central banking houses. I will not go into the details here for brevity’s sake… but all is needed is a quick scan of when the old media began to change ownership… it corresponds with the arrival of the Federal Reserve… as did World War I… along with the beginning of our national debt…and a federal income tax.. coincidentally enough. More to this in a moment. Winning hearts and minds?… the goal to winning wars… and is best accomplished through major media. In order to bring an end to the Fed…people must come to see major media as the HR office of the Federal Reserve. People must become nonpartisan. Bruce Ivins… Deborah Jean Palfrey… aka the DC Madam.. two recent examples of the complicit nature of our major media… again… will leave the details for another post. Who knew that there was an amendment in the Senate to audit the Federal Reserve?… Who knew that a parliamentary procedure technicality was used to keep the amendment from being voted on? Ben Nelson should be living incognito abroad in infamy for his perfidy… but it isnt the case. Major media didn’t consider it newsworthy.

A central bank requires the insolvency of its populace. If the populace is unwilling to borrow themselves… then they can be pulled kicking and screaming into debt vicariously through government borrowing. This is why we have remained in cold or hot wars since the Federal Reserves inception. War is the perfect solution for a central bank. Expensive weaponry is purchased and then destroyed… while commodities that would contribute to the stockpiling wealth is disregarded… weapons have to be made instead. Lots of government borrowing… no commodities being produced… and if inflation is getting out of hand… we can use the threat of bombing the teetotal sh!t out of a country if they refuse to ease our overabundance of dollars by using them as a reserve currency… or if they refuse to open the local version of our central banks.

Our blissful life of ignorant innocence has passed. We now have access to the reincarnation of the Library of Alexandria… the internet… and just in the nick of time. We must get the populace ahead of the news curve…if Major media constitutes the curve… then they can see the real world for what it is. We must vet the information we receive for ourselves now… but this is good. When nothing we are told is taken for granted… our sense to sift out the misinformation is honed. We are no longer in the system… we are full-fledged independently thinking indivduals. We will disagree with one another… but the disagreements will no longer be fomented by those needing us at each others throats so they can pass more and more legislation which tightens the noose around our necks. We not only need those of a certain mental capacity… they must also be willing to take the fight to the system… and a rarer few of a great enough charisma to persuade the rest to join the fight.

This website has been invaluable in the effort to bring truth and justice to the Federal Reserve. You have contributed more than you realize… by maintaining this venue. We are allowed to share our kooky ideas with one another… to argue the veracity of our positions…all without the gatekeepers interfering too much. Hopefully you can continue this venue… and eventually we will progress beyond the point of fact dissemination… and can argue on how best to regulate currency in a post Federal Reserve America.

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