How will my dogs get on?

I’ve have a 1 year old american bulldog bitch I’ve had her since she was 9 weeks old she is a lovely dog very soft and very gentle I have now just bought a 14 week old mini dachshund I have to pick up on sunday he is a male will they get on? Im worried they will fight the mini is only 55 pounds at the moment and is the size of a tea cup yorkie Advice please!!!

Answer #1

Thanks Everyone I Feel a lot More Confident About Them Meeting Now =) a lot Less Nervous

Thanks Again Guys x

Answer #2

You should Spay and neuter them, the last thing the shelter needs is a litter of puppies.

Answer #3

5 pounds btw not 55 lol

Answer #4

Hmmm girl all can say is that allow nature to take its corse they may hate themself at first but get to like themselves later on… Since they ar male and female your problem would be less.

Answer #5

thats what I was thinking diesel the american bulldog has never bitten another dog and is very loving so do you think because he is a puppy that its better because they will be bought up together?

Thanks By The Way =) X

Answer #6

Well, usually bringing in a puppy is easier. Introduce them slowly…do not leave them alone, for a LONG time… also having them neutered would help. An intact female and intact male…please neuter them.

Answer #7

You have to be very observant for a while…your Bulldog may be very happy to have a partner in crime, but she’s still very large, and even playing might hurt the pup…and it’s your job to protect it.

My German Shepherd has gotten on well with lots of small dogs, from Westies to Pugs…how they get along is dependent on temperments…and a strong leader. You sound like you have a good handle on the temperment of your Bully, so I think the future looks good for these two.


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