How do you Start A Convo?

When My Mates Or Boyfriend Sign In On Msn, I Never No What To Talk ABout ? Any Ideas ? :S x

Answer #1

When they sign on, and it’s one of my friends I usually start with a friendly greeting like…”BOO!” or “Insert their name here!!!” or even “HI!!! whats up?”

and then from there they may say, nothign much (hate when people say that) but than go, “Aww…nothign exciting?” because htis will make them think and they will than probably tlaK BAOUT somethign and just go on that. Like if they are like, “oh well I just finished reading my book for school” ask which one? if they liked it? if you are reading the same ask them what happends after the part you are on. Or talk about any sports they are doing, or even go, “Hold on I love this song” and than start to tlak about music!

Catergories: music sprts school work life movies what you did today weather food etc.

Good luck!

Answer #2

=S that is the wierdest question I’ve come accross.. its so easy.. just open the convo. and say.. ‘YOOO how you been man? :p’ =) xx

Answer #3

if you dont want to ask how are they or what they’ve been up to start a convo about music!! cant go wrong with that!!! unless you guys dont have da same taste..??

Answer #4

I suggest a humorous ice breaker. try stupid things like

(O.o) ^ makes people laugh most of the time lol. then from there you get the “lol” and then its like “wuts going on”. if you can’t carry a convo from there, maybe you shouldn’t sign on lol.

if they’re your friends, you should be able to bs w. them. not like some stranger you have to entertain to showcase your personality. lol

Answer #5

ask them how they are, what they’ve been up to. if you know some of their big interests, ask, ‘oh, how has _ been?’ and that might make them go on and on about it. haha. otherwise, ask things like, ‘oh have you seen the new batman movie?” or something and then follow up with ‘did you like it?’ and give your opinion about whatever you ask about too!

Answer #6

Start with asking how they are

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