How too kiss

How Do You Make Out With A Girl?

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ino but how do imove it.?...just let the tounqe slide around her mouth.?
lol help me out here imma Rookie

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lock lips, insert your tongue in her mouth and massage her tongue with yours, and every once in a while barley bite her lip.

Who was your worst kiss with and how?
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thanks your a biq helpp

How old should you be to have your first kiss ?
ANSWER #4 of 10

im the one that has to lead tho lol

how to get someone to kiss you?
ANSWER #5 of 10

try new things lol you cant really go wrong with kissing
only if you use to much tongue and to much saliva
yucky I hate it!

How was your first kiss?
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the only way to get better is practice.
kissing someone isnt that hard, you can follow there lead
I like it when they bite my lip a little... its kinda a turn on
but make sure you dont bite to hard

How do you get a boy to urgently kiss you on the cheek?
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so just follow her tounqe or just free roam.?lol

Moving In For A Kiss
ANSWER #8 of 10

not always, lol.
trust me im a girl I know.

Don't like kissing my s.o.
ANSWER #9 of 10

basically touch your tongue with hers...

dont know how to kiss
ANSWER #10 of 10

what do you mean by messaqe.?

Who to kiss

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