How to get a babysitting job for babies in the nieghorhood?!?!?!?!?

Im 14 and what can I do to get a good babysitting job for babies? I really love baby sitting but I need help maiing flyers or something…

Answer #1

Well most people need you to have taken a class, if you did that, then you should put that on your poster too. Just state your name and age, tell them how you are interested in babysitting ever much you want an hour..well it depends on how many kids and what they need. Put little tabs on the bottom with your number that they can take. That is basically it. And you might want to put a picture of you on it too..if you want.

Answer #2

Yeah, try to put everything that qualifies you to be a baby-sitter without freaking out the mom or dad…Hope you get a job:)!

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