How to write a speech for high school students on career choices

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(Some jobs are hard to get thats why we learn and you might even be confused on a career choice some but people know exacally what they whant to do when they leave heigh school and thats normal, if your wanting to be a macanic for example you could help out one in town or cook dinner for you family every night if your wanting to be a cook , little things like that can really help with you career . But a career is a very impertant thing in life so start now on makeing some choices... ) hope it helped .

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Start off by asking people if they would like to have a nice car, a big house and take awesome vacations. Then ask people if they'd like to be homeless, live on the street, or be unable to pay bills when they grow up.

That should get their attention. Then explain the correlation between income and education,eg, the average income for people that attend college vs those that don't is huge. (you can get some of those stats from government websites).

If you go into detail on unemployment and how it's higher for those without a college degree, and talk about the need to do 'lifelong learning' in general, as industries are evolving faster than they used to, etc.

Don't drag it out too much - the general theme should be education = opportunity and the more education you have, the more marketable the person becomes for employment. Good luck.

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