How to unlock the 7th gym on Pokemon fire red?

How to unlock the 7th gym on pokemon firered?

Answer #1


I’m sorry, I don’t play Pokemon and I have absolutely found nothing when trying to search for the 7th gym for you..can you perhaps double check your spelling and your question so I can help you better?

Answer #2

I only just saw this but you need help the 7th is the fire one I think you need to go to the abonded masion I think it is called it in the same town and you have to press switches and stuff to get your way down to the basment then there will be a key for the door. ps. need help email me at

Answer #3

you need to press the statues and when you get to the basement, you will find a key. obtain it and go to the locked door and then, you will open it using the key

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