How to train a pitbull 2 fight?

How to train a pitbull 2 fight?

Answer #1

Im with you smart pit owner, its cause of dumb heads like you that my dog is not allowed to walk the streets in England anymore, She can only go in the garden and I have to smuggle her in the car to get her to the park or beach late at night. I wish I could take your dog off you, and I wish I could track you down to beat the f* out of you!!!

Answer #2

YOU are a sick freak and should be put in jail for life for even mentioning this. You and people like you are the reason responsible pit bull owners like myself and MANY others out there have to worry that our dogs are going to be ban and killed. I would do anything if there was a way to track you and have you arrested and put in jail for life…

Answer #3

they already have the instinct to fight but it also helps if you give him/her some muscle boost through a high protien diet and a spring pole… a lot of exersise!

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