How to tounge kiss?

Its been a while since I've tounged kiss and I forgot how, so any advice or what to do..?

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relax, if you constantly worry then it wont be natural, just take a deep breath and let it happen.

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Stop worrying about it, else you'll stress so much that you'll imagine you forgot. Relax and enjoy the kissing, don't worry about how well you are doing it.

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don't worry too much about it, just let your lips meet, then usually the guy will start to push his tongue in between your lips, accept it slowly by opening your mouth, not to wide just enough to let it slip in...if he doesn't and you want to start, then slowly push your tongue so that it touches the outside of his lips, this will make him open his mouth if he wants to and your tongue will slip right in...just play back and forth letting your tongues touch and move against each others, the main thing is dont go too crazy with your mouth wide go slowl and gentle, you can even slowly suck his tongue between your lips gently, don't make it messy

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It comes naturl you really dont learn it just comes to you!Dont worrie you will be fine! just go with the flow!

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I tried going with the flow but it doesnt work lol.

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its like riding a bike, you never forget! seriously, just go with the flow :)

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