How to tell if your cat is pregnant

I have a 1 year old house cat who was due to be neutered in two weeks as she is in heat and the vet told us to wait till she was ok again, anyway, I woke up this morning to find her outside, so she must have been out all night (or for a long time) and there are plenty of tomcats in our area… she lies down a lot and sleeps, which is unlike her and she is very affectionate but always is… There is one particular tomcat who is meowing outside our window and she meows back, when she normally ignores him, and he stays there for a long time. However, just this evening she has started to “call” like she is in heat and rolls around on the floor… she also struggles a lot when I pick her up, which she only does when she’s in heat, but she let me pick her up to catch her this morning and I held her for a long time without any problems. Could she be pregnant or is it too early to tell?

Answer #1

it is not to early for a one year old cat becuse my cat is one year old and she had 3 to 4 babies and garentie your cat is in heat

Answer #2

Go see the vet… they’ll tell you… also they can still have her spayed…

Answer #3

cats can have babies when they six months and can get pregnant again right after birth so cats can have more than one pregnacy in a year since pregnancy lasts between 65 to 70 days,and they can have up to 15 kittens per litter.what are the syptoms of a pregnancy?well the area bellow your cat’s stomach should feel round and hard,your cat should also be looking around especially in small paces(she’s nesting:looking for a place to give birth) and also hiding stuff in small places(she’s preparing the nest for birth) and then she’ll get extremly hungry(because of her pregnancy).

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