How to tease my girlfriend

How can I make my girlfriend want it so bad she cant control herself. I want to make her crazy with suspense, the more detail the better

Answer #1

ok. my guy loves to come up to me at any random time (prefferably when you’re alone) and give me deep kisses.. he’ll rub his hands gently up and down my back and make his way down to my butt.. once he’s got a hold there he’ll pull me so I’m tight against him and kinda rub his package against my..ahem..area.. he might give me a little stroke outside my jeans and then he’ll pull away..look me in the eyes and flash me a suggestive smile… then he just kinda walks away and leaves me there to breath hard and wonder ‘what the hell just happened?” It drives me bonkers. and if you dont get some amazing sex later then I dont know what to tell you haha.. that should do the trick

Answer #2

ok well, my boyfriend drives me insane with what he does, first off, he has an amazing tongue, so when he goes down on me, he starts at the bottom of the p*ssy and just goes up and down slow and fast, and fingers me at the same time, and he will suck and GENTLY nibble, and its just Amazing!! but to help out before he gets my pants off, I really love it when he bites my neck and and again GENTLY bites/nibbles on my bottom lip when we make out, and also, run your hands along her thighs, and if shes ok with it her butt too

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