How to take cute pictures with my sucky camera?

My poor dad bought the suckeist camera ever!it was 200 dollars and it completely sucks! I think because itt is actual a video camera.but the picture is soo motion sensitive,and the color sucks!I know how to take good pictures,just not with this camera!so dont tell me to pute on makeup and crap,just tell me how to take a good picture with this sucky camera. Thanks

Answer #1

buy a digital camera. video cameras are best for capturing video. digital cameras or SLR are best for still photos.

Answer #2

at times it depends on the lighting and the setting your camera features. at times, the camera comes with settings that allows the times of a snap to record. like 1 full second of record and then the camera places these recorded frames all in one. look for a different setting to fix it. and mix around different locations that the lights could hellp you

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