How to stop my internet addiction?

I’m online wayyy to much. How can I stop myself?? Most of the time I come to do work but I end up on places like Myspace, Facebook, Funadvice, and the like. How can I stop myself???

Answer #1

Set a goal for yourself every time you get on tell yourself I will only be on this long and every time you get on make the time shorter, take a few days off and eventually you won’t even miss it that much.

Answer #2

The only way I broke my habit was when I moved out of my parents house and I couldnt afford it anymore haha. But you can always put a time limit on yourself, tell yourself you only get a certain amount of “playtime” online and the rest is for work. Trust me you’ll appreciate the fun time more and you’ll feel allot better.

Answer #3

My kids were affected a great deal because as soon as I left the house daddy went on games. I had a lot of guilt about this. I wanted to hire a sitter for the time I was out. But my friends recommended me to try so-called internet filtering software Ez Internet Timer: Customized control settings allow me to determine the appropriate time limits for kids and for my husband too :) It can also stop all on-line activity and block Internet browsers, e-mails, ftps or messengers according to my daily schedule. Maybe it will help you too.

Answer #4

if you still live with your parents, have them put a time limit on your internet usage.

Answer #5

Since I’ve found this site I’ve become addicted, so not the best person to be asking… You can try setting a timer. When timer goes off get back to work, finish a set amount and then come back on (as a reward…)

Answer #6

keep the computer away from you! or just get rid of it! ty: thats not a bad idea also, LOL

Answer #7

if you still live with your parents, have them put a time limit on your internet usage.

Answer #8

Well maybe you could read a book in your leisure time, go for a walk, take a drive somewhere, or watch TV. Keep the computer off as much as possible except for work and try not to get on the internet. You know what you could also do to keep yourself from being addicted as you say, call a friend and you two can hang out and maybe go to the movies or if you go to church try to be active as much as possible. And, if you’re addicted, talk to your Pastor from church and maybe he can find something that you can be active in. I’m sure your church has something that you can get involved in. Hope this helps.

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