How to speed up youtube videos ?

How to speed up youtube videos, I have just downloaded speedbit , but it does not work ,, help please

Answer #1

If you mean how to speed up the download, Anti_square is right. Especially the faster connection. If you mean you want to see the DOWNLOADED video run at a faster playback speed, that depends on your player. I use GOM, which is an EXCELENT flash video player. Good Luck!!

Answer #2

better computer faster connection

Answer #3

I will help you don’t worry.For watching online videos your internet speed should be very good.For this you also need to have good internet connection.You need at least 2MB connection.So that you can watch videos without streaming and buffering problem.Otherwise if you using Kbps connection and watching online videos you will face streaming and more buffering problem.So try to have good internet connection for watching online videos without buffering.You can call your service provider and upgrade your internet plan.To increase internet speed in LAN connection.Try to install good anti-virus and internet security in every system.You can also enable firewall.Use Mozilla Firefox,Google Chrome,Opera and some other latest browsers and latest versions of it.Use torrent for uploading.You can avoid simultaneous downloading.Also clear cookies before and after start browsing in your browser because this will helps to browse fast.Finally reset the modem and switch off the modem and switch on it everyday twice.You can also reset the router.These are manual internet speed increasing tips.You can check internet uploading speed and downloading speed easily using the site

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