How to sign up to be a contestant on Deal or No Deal?

how do I sign up to be a contestant on deal or no deal

Answer #1

well when I tried out, there was a casting call in my city where I waited in line for 6 hours then we had 15 seconds to say why we wanted to be on the show and what we would use the money for and that was it. I don’t know of another way. maybe go to

Answer #2

You can go online and there is a forum. You have to have like a good career and stuff with references and everything or they wont accept you on the show.

Answer #3

I am hoping to start working from home as a caterer. I have got a food hygiene certificate also I would like to take my sons and granchildren on holiday.

Answer #4

I am in debt big time 100000

Answer #5

go to his website thn read what to do then you wil find everything you need to there!!

Answer #6
Answer #7

looking a dealornodeal on nbc look down at tv go

Answer #8

If your English id try the channel 4 website

Answer #9

go online check out their web site they will tell u

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