How to save money?

What are some ways for teenagers to save money?

Answer #1

Good suggestion above, also have your parent keep it for you and have them agree for every week you don’t touch it, they add $5 or $10 - maybe when you’re a little older, a good way is to ‘never spend a dollar’ - meaning when you pay for something, pay with a $5 or $10, not the dollar because at the end of every night you put all your ones in a jar - THAT adds up qiuck also !…Good luck !!

Answer #2

I no IT IS HARD the way I do it is I get a glass jar and I glue a top on it with a slit big enough to get coins and dollars in but not out…then when i come home from school,work, or anywhere I empty my pockets of all coins or single dollar bills…You may not think it works but once uve filled your jar and brake it to get the money out THERE IS ALOT …coins add up …good luck : )

Answer #3

Thanks–these are good tips.

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