How to remove red out of blonde hair?

I have naturally dirty blonde hair, I used a store product to dye it a light brown, it ended up being like a grey color so I went to a salon the next day and they dyed it brown with red low lights I absolutely hated it so I went and got highlights but now my hair has a pink tint to it, how do I get it out?

Answer #1

use blondesma it will lighten your hair then die it to your colour brown or such

Answer #2

If you really don’t like it, then go darker, use an ash color, or go back and talk to your hairdresser. That’s your best bet, red is very difficult to get out, especially if you ever plan on going blonde again. It’ll stick in there like no other. Good luck!

Answer #3

Get a hair die with “Ash” in it.. The color would be like “light Ash blonde” or “medium ASH blonde”

The ash gets all the red out :) Whatever color you want has the ASH kind of it! Goodluck!

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