How to rectify the download problem?

I download movies using utorrent and for the past few days my download stops abruptly with this statement "error:invalid download state,try resuming" when I again give start it starts downloading and this error keeps on repeating.please tell me what do I do?

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they said their using utorrent ...

Highlight the torrent, right-click it and click "Start"

right click -> advanced -> force re-check

stop the torrents before attempting the re-check them btw

and make sure you have the latest version...

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What are you using for torrents? Some trackers skip, aka you loose connection to seeds and it errors like that.

Funmail me.
I can only help you with things other than piracy :p

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utorrent is a client, not a tracker.

Like now, piratebay is erroring something fierce with the new company that bought them out, seems they bit off more than they can chew.

Also, check your port forwarding, it can cause a mass of problems with uTorrent, I wrote a tut on it.

Bottom of the wall of text is my guide for forwarding and opening ports.

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