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How to put up really short full bangs (cut too short)?

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I got my hair cut, and I got full bangs (bangs that go all the way across your forehead) I originally asked for my bangs to fall right above where your eye starts to cave in (I don't really know how to explain it exactly) like, if you were to open your eyes all the way where your eyelases are, that's where. Long story short, my bangs are WAY to short for my liking. they're barely touching my eyebrows.

My solution? cliping them up. yet, I don't really like the straight back clipping with bobypins, I would rather a more stylish way so I can change it up a bit (I'm waiting until the grow out to a more...not so awful looking, length!)

If you have any suggestions I would really appreciate it. Please give step by step instructions, as detailed a description as possible, and if materials needed, what are they? (Basic stuff)

Thank you SO MUCH! I appreciate all answers :]