How to put pic in body of email

How do I put a color background or pic in the body of an email in Gmail?

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Follow up question: When I copy and paste the pic can Only open in I.e. word, pdf, or whatever picture program it is in. ??

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Simple copy and paste.

Bring up the image in a browser, select it, copy it (CTRL-C).

Go to yahoo or gmail, put the cursor in the message box where you want the image, and press CTRL-V) to paste the image in.

Afterwords, click on the new image in the message and select the size you want.

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It turns out that the image is actually posted as a link to the image. So it will have the same attributes at the original. That means if the image was a jpg, it will still be a jpg, a gif, a gif, etc.

I suppose in order to get the control you are after you'll have to set up a gui client (thunderbird, outlook, etc) and access mail via pop3 to get different functionality instead of using the web client.

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