How to put two pictures together?

If I want to put a picture of my favorite star and me
So it could look like one how do I do that?
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The following picture shows the two pictures that are combined to make the final product :)

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The process is called stitching, and is common to most photo workshop programs

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how two put my and actor pictuer togather

Using my own picture as my layout or background?
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just a family thing

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There are quite a few ways of morphing photos. Here's one...
You can blend photos a way so that it looks like the photo I have included..I morphed two photos of me and one photo of Scarlett Johansson to get this rather scary image hehe :)

Go onto
This is free. There are other ways to do it if you have photoshop and most other photoediting programs.

How do I morph two pictures together?

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