How to pass a drug test

Can you pass a drug test it you had week 2 days befor anf how can you do it I need to know

Answer #1

I’m asuming you mean weed not week. and no you can’t. been there done that and there is no way you can pass it if you did it 2 days before. try peeing a lot…sh•t I don’t know its worth a shot lol.

Answer #2

dude. it is possible. I know it sounds wierd but drink nothing but pickle juice and a lot of sweet and green tea. its worked for me. trust me man.

Answer #3

drink lots of water and when I mean lots of water I mean like 4 to 5 gallons a day its going to really suck and you’ll be going to the bath room like every 5 mins but give it a shot

Answer #4

drink a sh.t load of viniger

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