How can I open Port 443 (secure SSL)?

would like to know how to open port 443 (secure ssl). i have a problem one of the software scottdale elite did not work, one of the scotdale tech adviser send me e-mail open port 443 to access this softeare. i tried many times but failed, please need help ASAP thanks amssyd9

Answer #1

Hey amssyd9,

I’vegot the same exact problem with Scottrade Elite and their tech suported dropped me like a hot potato. Disd you ever figure out your problems? Would sure help since I’m still fighting the whole thing.

Thanks, BigMoe

Answer #2

thanks for the answer, but my question how i open port 443 (is now close) is causing me can not open some secure sites via internet browser. Please tell me if you can using any available software or is setup problem for my router speedtouch wireless router. may be it is closed by ISP provider. I hope you understand my basic question how to open port 443 on my router. thanks for time and help

Answer #3

Normal web browing is on port 80 (

Secure browsing is on port 443 (

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