How to make my breasts grow bigger and fast

I,m tired of being made fun of by friends and family mostly everyone in my family is between a c-e and im a lowsy b im 15 and cant take it anymore I cant find anything to help people my age ... I berly started taking omega -3 fatty acids cause I read I would help but I need all I can get help me !

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im 13 and im a size 32 A. I've been trying to grow my breasts out for our camp swimming trip. but NOTHING worked. I understand what you mean. my friends make fun of my size allot and I have the smallest boobs in my grade and most of the 12 and 11 year olds.

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Like the others said, there is no way to get bigger boobs short of gaining a ton of weight, or getting breast implants.

That aside, it is totally inappropriate for ANYONE to be making comments like that about your breasts.

How to make breasts grow?

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There is nothing you can take or do to make your boobs grow. You get what you are born with. I'm 23 years old, and I'm still an A cup. I am completely happy with myself. All you need is self confidence. If you love yourself, other people will take notice and love everything about you too.

How do I make my breast grow
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You cant make them grow - just accept what you have.
You can buy a padded bra if you want to make them appear a bit bigger :)

How do you make your boobs grow bigger?

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just tell your family and friends, why does it bother you, I got given what I got given. plus, its not like your going to look at them, are u?

Is it true that if you massage your breast they will grow?
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you should be happy with your b
just because the rest of your family has bigger boobs than you doesnt mean yours will turn out like that as well
its all down to genes and body type
what you have is probably perfect for your body type
at15, they still have a bit of growing left to do, so be patient, but dont expect anything
omega 3 wont do anything
neither will any type of food or exerscise
nothing can make them bigger
usually gaing more weight can, surgery, or occasionall...going on the pill
but that comes with other side effects
be happy with what youve got

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I'm 15 && I wear a size 32a && I dont even have puffy nipples yet help!

Does soy milk help your breasts grow?
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Hey im a B and im 15 -- dont worry about it my mums a DD im sure if your family has big boobs then you will hang in there I am :D

girls only ways to make my breast grow faster?

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Im 13 and im praticlly flat ! all of my friends have boobs except for me !
Its almost summer and I dont want to go swimming in a baby bathing suit !
Is there something I can do to make them grow faster,there has to be something!
My mom said she had bigger ones when she was my age. So why dont I?!
Please helppp!

How can I get my breast to grow?
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if you have a boyfriend let him play with those boobs! let him touch and suck them, you will see the difference after a while.

How can I make my breasts bigger?
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well im 16 and I now wear a f after my boyfrend sucked and played with them I regreted that because it my boobs hurt sooo much so be happy ok its fine

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Don't worry, I'm 15 and I am size f!! It some times really sucks. When I go to partys Guys always always stare 4 ages and make innapropiate comments.
Be thankfful 4 what you got!!

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when you get plder and have babies like I have you will get bigger boobs I was a 32a and now im 34b after I had baby but I wish I was still 32a because it hurts your back so much. I've always had problems with my spine and now its worse then ever im telling ya dont try and make em bigger. its not good :(

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at the age your in all you can do is work on other areas that can go for an inprovment.(which can rasie your confidence...which will led into a sitatuion where someone will talk ish on your size...but you will be full of confidence that you will be a able to pin point somtihing at them make fun of .and they will feel low

I've talk to girls who are flatter then the wall. but they are full of confdience.. in other places of there body wheter it be charcater, hair, pretty face. cloths, swagger. and they dont want to give me the time or day .

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Hi there, Im a 23 year old woman and my breast have grown, from a 12b to a 14 b, I have no idea why, Im also on the birth control pill, Would that be apart of my reason why they have grown???

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Im a 15 year old girl and im a B cup..and girls with big boobs usually have back problems in the future anyway ;)

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