How to masturbate with ice??

How do you masturbate with ice?? Like do you just stick it up there?? Or do you also rub your clit?? Please help!!

Answer #1

I think yhats quite weird..

Answer #2

you could do either one dont stick too many up there as you dont want it to be too cold that you get frostbite or something 1 is more than enough and the water wont harm you

Answer #3

You actually rub your clit and stick it in, but not too far. And if its the drier kind of ice, let it melt a little first. Try to get refridgerator sized ice. Um, can I ask why?

Answer #4

is it bad 2 stick more than one in and as far up as I can get them?? and because I have tried lots of other things that just dont do it for me anymore.. any other suggestions?? like different ways 2 do it with and without ice??

Answer #5

Try :-)

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