How to masturbate in class?

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you should masterbate in health class haha. But keep in mind you may not have a girlfriend for a while...

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if you really want to masturbate, then you should ask to use the bathroom and masturbate there

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well just cause you seem fearless you could try taking a really big coat or hoody or sweatshirt and make sure your wearing a skirt or dress and when board you could act like your cold put your hands and rest of body in the hoody or whatever and just finger yourself slowly just try not to make noise to bad. have fun.

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im sorry but this sounds like a stupid question
you should not be masterbating in class, its not the time or the place for that
masterbate in your own time when your in your room by yourself

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Really masturbation is for you. Its a personal thing. It helps to be in your room, in private, and patience. I wouldn't try to masturbate at school. Its pretty risky, and what if you get caught?

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Don't masturbate in class..
just that simple.

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stand on top of a table in the middle of the class room! lol

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class isnt a place to be masturbatinq in.

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I've seen girls all the time mastrbate in class, I've even seen tachers do it, there was this one girl who masterbated everyday during lunch at school, very noticable, when she stood up her tight sweetpants would b shoved into her, and there was another girl in my cooking class who masterbated everyday in class,its vry easy for girls to do it, but very noticable like I said, and guys like me will look and enjoy watching and will watch I man yor in public so who says we cant watch, im not going to turn my head, this one time in art class we watchd a movie about clay and the subsatute turnd the lights out and she masterbated through the whole movie. I think it is great for you girls to please yourslfs its very attractive and trust me most guys are not stupid they can tell if a girl is mastrbating the way she moves her legs around with her hands on her pussy, or putting their hands in their hoodie and then going down, its hot, but you do get a bad repp because trust me the guys do watch and it gives them a different aspect of you,

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ok freakout101 is to risky if you dont want people to say hey what are you doing and your beat red just cross your legs real tight why because you have a pulse down there and it like goes to your clit and just pulsates it takes a lil longer and not as good as fingerin but it gets the job done

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