How to masterbate

what good ways is there to masterbate

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gently rub your clit and you will feel goood!!!

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watch porm and wank like hell its gr8 or hump your bed or stuff!!! be careful not 2 cum on your bed do!!!

how to masterbate with no hands
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If your a girl here's a way to masterbate-
1) lay on the ground and put your legs up but make
them higher than your head. Spread your legs.
2) grab something small if it's your first time.
3) if you really want to feel it be naked. So you can
easily touch and tease your self. With one hand slowly
trail over your body lightly teasing yourself. Take you free
hand and put it over you vagina and start rubbing up and down
not to hard or fast tease yourself. With the hand that's
rubbing your body take it and massage your breasts.
4) if this is your first time don't be nervous just close your
eyes dnd think of nothing relax.
5) take your object and put it over your vagina and
tease yourself. Start off slowly rubbing the object over your
vagina. Don't go too hard or fast. You should start to feel it
tingle if not keep teasing yourself.
6) take the object and slowly slide it in you. Feel where your
comfortable and start going in further. It's better if you close your
7) go in and out don't pull out all the way. Go in deeper
you might start to breath fast if it's pleasurable. Keep doing this
untill you get an orgasim.
8) if you want before put some lubricant on the object
or when rubbing with your fingers put on hand and rub. If you make
sounds while doing this it will arouse you more. You'll start to get more
8) do at night because your more alert and horny at that time.
Hope it helps and good luck!!!

masterbate with ice
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well im 12 years old and I think you should finger yhur self in bed then lick it then stick sumthing in your vaginia!

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-The Numby - sit on your hand until it goes numb and then masterbate with it - it's supposed to feel like another person is doing it.
-Use lotion or lube to make it feel better.
-Try using Tingling Sensation or Warming Lube for a new experience.
-Banana Peel - take the banana out - warm it up - put some lube in it - hump away.
-Take a zip lock bag, put some lube or lotion in it, put it in between the mattresses and do your thing.
-Melon's - You just cut a hole in them big enough for your penis, warm it up, stick some lube or lotion into it and go.

Do you lose your virginity when you masterbate???
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Take a chapstick contaner and make sure it is clean.rub you cotch and rub your tits get hrony.Now take the thing and tease your self rub it areound that area and stick it in slowly and get confterbul.Pull it in and out slowly and you should get an orgasm.

What are some ways girls can masterbate?
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for girls-
im a virgin soo yeah I dont stick things in my vag. o.o this you can tdo ant where I mean anywere. if your at school ask to go the the bathroom. take 2,3,or 4 squares of toilet paper and fold it so it makes 1 square. then keep folding it until you have a small square. take the toilet paper square and place it on youe clit. take your middle finger
and your pointer finger and put it on the square. you can push make,circular motions with your to fingers and its heven. I dont reallty no if I have had a oragasm from it but I run out of energy and it feels so good I cant move my hand that much anymore. lolz so all uf you horny girls in school can use this anytime you want :].another way that works for me at home is take 2 pillows and a air freshiner can or basically somthing long and hard and cylinder shaped. take the first pillow and put the air freshiner can inside the pillow case. so the airfreshiner can should be under the pillow but in side the case. the other pillow is oppitional. you can but it under the air freshiner can or not. but after that you can hump/gind it do what ever you want :].hope this helped

Why is it when I masterbate my cum is clear?
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What I Do Is Go In The Shower And Spread my legs and lets the water run on your clint. then pull tighter and tighter then it may touch and un easy spot but thats what I like. it kinda hurts but I love the feeling. (ima girl)

tips on how to masterbate
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Well this is for Girls:
-Make sure your hands are clean (I don't know its just I dont like getting it on with dirty hands)

-Watch or read something or make up a fantasy like for instance; your boyfriend or dream guy walked into the room and started kissing you all over and rubs your boobs and thighs. You can keep it going from that OR go kinky and add hancuffs or what ever just make sure your good and wet

-Rub your thighs or boobs nice and slowly and spread your legs but dont touch yet

-By now you pretty much wanna rub your clit right now...don't try and fight the urge. Believe be if you want this going for hours keep teasing yourself.

-Okay after a good few minutes start to rub your clit nice and SLOW really really slow. Don't go in and dont go fast. Believe me you're gunna want it more and more

-With the other hand stick a finger in your bum...not all the way but it's just really good and wiggle it around. its optional if you want to or not remember everyone is different.

-make sure you're moaning it feels so sexy..but if there's some one else and you dont want them to hear you then dont...your choice.

-Stop every few minutes and count to ten dont touch your self just stop . you're really gunna wanna touch yourself now but keep this going a good couple of times it's going to drive you CRAZY

-When you can't take it anymore just go crazy fast! Keep the finger in your bum if you want to (again optional) I cum so hard when I do this! The teasing drives me insane.

Well now im going to have some fun ;)

Hellp? How do you masterbate on your period?
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ok, so i might b just weird, but i just lay on my front, put my hands under my vagina and just pull it rough, and i just imagine having sex and there :/
is that wierd, iv never heard anyone doign it this way

How does a girl masterbate?
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ok, so i might b just weird, but i just lay on my front, put my hands under my vagina and just pull it rough, and i just imagine having sex and there :/
is that wierd, iv never heard anyone doign it this way

Is your vagina tight after masterbating?

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