How to master DDR?(dance dance revolution)

How can you master DDR if your shy and have to play it in front of your class?Cause I got to play DDR for gym class.

Answer #1

ok as long as your having fun no one will notice that you are shy or not as good as you may want to be. not saying you varent good becasue I have no idea.If you arent good some tips are 1. have fun 2. smile : ) 3. dont touch the middle of the mat unless you have to,try to stay on the arrows only 4. dont challenge yourself to much 5. and get the beat going through you…do all that and you’ll do fine. good luck.

Answer #2

That sucks that you have to play it in gym class!!! if you got a couple of bucks to spend, go to the arcade during hours when nobody is around, and practice.

Answer #3

I love DDR!!!your so lucki you have it fr gym!!!can I take your place,I woold luv to show off my moves!!! NEwayz,the trick is to work your way up eech level.start your way up from beginner=basic=difficult=expert=challenge.rite now im on expert.I luv that game!!!I have original,disney,and…some othrr edition I 4get.there reely is no cheat to becomin a pro.u gotta learn to maintain your balance,and be sure to chose slower,nice even pace songs to start learning.keep your eyes on the screen ,stomp to the rythem,dont b unsure dont even think 2 hard,I onli play ddr when I want to zone out and b miself.

hope I helped, Pussi Katt

Answer #4

just think your in your room by yourself and have fun and be you

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