How to make computer websites?

how do you make them for free and how do you make them

Answer #1

Html coding is not hard to learn, but website free creators like will let you make the website a lot easier for free, but give you a mediocre address. You can pay for a .com, but services like are free.

Answer #2

there are all kinds of free tutorials on the web to help you teach yourself HTML. I recommend a link on the left hand side has “Learn HTML”. if you need any additional help, let me know. I’ve been making sites for several years.

Answer #3

girl ill tell you its pretty hard..we had that as our project last year.. it includes html codes..just research for it.. and I still have mine though if you want to see just funmail me..

Answer #4

its kinda hard check 4 tutorials in order to actually get up where people can see it it dose cost

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