How to make this party...sexier?

so me and my boyfriend are havin a lil movie party at his house. his rents agreed to leave us alone and I was just wonderin what I could do to make this movie party…sexier? haha that sounds weird…but please help…alls we have done really is make out…but I want to take it to the next step…I don’t know if im ready for sex particularly but…what is a step down from sex?…that sounds cheesy…but please help!!

Answer #1

try showing up in a short skirt boots and a tank that shows some clevlage(boobs)sit close to him like snugglywear a fruity body spray (not perfume to strong) and the step before sex is bjs and fingeren really

Answer #2

lol uhhh fingering and handjobs

Answer #3

haha, one step down would probably be oral? how about watching a movie you both enjoy, sexier maybe a p*rno? depends what are you into?? talk to him about it as well

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