How do I make the move to kiss my girlfriend?

I want to makeout with my girlfriend and she wants to make out with me but I don’t know how to make the move how should I?

Answer #1

Have you kissed her yet? Please do that sweetly first. Wait a few days. She’ll want you. Find somewhere PRIVATE, possibly a bedroom, possibly a corner in a stairwell…Wrap your arms around her, look in her eyes, bring your hand up behind her head as you kiss her gently with NO TONGUE. THEN slip your tongue slowly into her mouth and touch tips. Explore. What is especially fun (DONT DO THIS FOR THE WHOLE MAKEOUT SESSION) is to swirl your tongues around each other. DON”T BITE. Not everyone likes that. Keep your lips and tongue soft. Use your hands. Be in the moment and nowhere else.

Answer #2

The first moment, especially when you are young and it’s your first time or your first time with someone in particular is an weird moment any way you slice it. It helps to poke fun of the situation and joke about it first, then just go for it.

Or just wait for a quiet moment when you are alone and kiss her on the mouth and hold back the tongue unti you are comfortable. Once you get that first 5 seconds overwith, it’s cake after that.

Answer #3

Just kiss her. If she reacts in a good way continue.

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