How can i make my boyfriend horny with limits?

I need to make my boyfriend really horny. But nothing if you go in his pants. I need him to know he;s going to have to wait, but I want him to want it really bad.
Anyone know some really good ways?

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all you need to do is get him real real horny first and the best way is to suck on ice(ice gets guys incredibly horny and really fast!!!) and talk to him in a really sexy voice, then ask him when hes going to come over and give him a play by play of what your going to do then when he comes over pop in a chick flick that will keep them wantin it the whole time there over at your house!!!

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What is it with people asking how they can make their partners really horny without doing anything sexual? Why would you wanna tease him, then stop when he gets there? Thats like taking candy away from a baby. RIDICULOUS!!

How do I make my boyfriend horny?
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If its over the fone, tell him things you are doing.. Rubbing urself.. Fingering.

make your boyfriend horny
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just neck him and touch his penis

How to make my boyfriend horny?
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just tell hi you have really cute underwear and a cute bra on. the nfrom there go into details about how you would take them off slowly and all that. then go into what you would do to him. I do that to mine and it drives him insane and he loves it,he tells me to stop and I'll say alright and then he's like no wait don't stop I love when you do this to me it makes me want you more and I love it.

What can I do to make my boyfriend really horny?
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nibble on his lips, ears, kiss slowly down from his ears (breathing heavily) down to his chest.. run your hand down his side and up his thigh.. he'll be going crazy after a few mins

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