How to lose weight quickly?

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Today many vendors are claiming that the so-called "hoodia patch" will kill your appetite and even work better and faster than the ordinary hoodia in a capsule, tablet, or liquid. This claim would be extremely good—that is—if it were really true.
So far there exists absolutely no proof that the "hoodia patch" actually works. There is no clinical case study on the "hoodia patch." Be very cautious: If any vendor claims to have a scientific study or clinical trial that supports the validity of their "hoodia patch," such "proof" may turn out to be FAKE—produced in order to endorse, promote, and sell the so-called "hoodia patch" to the unsuspecting public.
No existing "hoodia patch" online or offline is prescription-driven; what this means is that such diet patches have not undergone scientific clinical trials or testing. This clearly shows that no vendor can truly claim that their "hoodia patch" works more effectively than hoodia capsules, tablets, or in liquid.
I don’t know about you, but I do know that personally I wouldn’t spend one cent on any new patch product that has no scientific backing or documentation from a third party that supports the "hoodia patch" as an authentic product worthy of being purchased. Why would you want to risk buying something that might not work at all? Save yourself needless frustrations.

My sincere advice: Do not fall prey to high flying claims of questionable "hoodia patches". Instead, consider real hoodia in a capsule, tablet, or liquid.

You can read a good article about how it works at:

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