How can I lose 10 inches off my waist?

I’m 5’4 and 180lbs, I exercise every now and then but am not as active as I used to be. How can I lose 10 inches off my waist in around 10 weeks…is that possible? I would like my waist to be at 30in and hips at 33or 35in.

Answer #1

Yes I must agree with you determinedmom, walking is the best, easiest way to lose the inches.

I work out at least 5 days per wk. 20-25 min cardio, circuit weight train each day on different muscle groups, at first I went on a prejudice diet!

That’s an all brown diet! lol

Brown rice, brown bread, brown/black beans, chicken with vegetables raw and cooked any way, lots of water.

I’ve learned to snack more low calorie style, Popsicles under 40 calories, yogurt ice cream.

Don’t cut everything out cause you will revert back to your old eating habits.

From going all the clean eating strategies the best is low calorie.

Find out how many calories you should be eating for your age, weight, and height.

Everyone is different so you have to try stuff and see what works for your lifestyle and body type. Working out with partners, neighbor, kids, co-workers helps a lot too.

Uhhh 800 calories per day is VERY unhealthy! You can only do it for so long and they you crash and possible make yourself ill from not having the proper nutrients.

Good luck to you all, on day at a time

Answer #2

I lost 5 1/2 inches off my abdomen using just one Ultimate Body Slimming Applicator. It is an affordable at home, site specific body wrap that only take 45 minutes to achieve inch loss from any area that you choose, such as your abdomen, back, thighs, love handle, arms and neck. After using the 45 minute body wrap, you continue to lose inches over the next 72 hours and your inch loss will last 2 to 6 months if you maintain your body weight. This is not a water loss body wrap and works by detoxifying and your fat cell. You have the same number of fat cells in your body throughout your life. What changes is the size of those fat cells depending on the accumulate of the fat inside each cell. The natural, herbal based formula penetrates the fat cell wall and releases the accumulated subcutaneous fat inside the cell through osmosis action. That fat is liquefied by the herb and is circulated to the lymphatic system and is excreted from the body through your natural elimination process. If you would like more information, check out

Answer #3

For anyone under 18 on this site that is attempting weight loss because someone else does not like your appearance or to attract more guys are girls, the quickest way to gain the attention you want and crave is to start with your attitude. YOU GOTTA LOVE YOURSELF FIRST!!! ALWAYS! Once you display that confidence and love for yourself, you will attract people like a magnet! Try it 1 day and you will see. If you are here trying to lose weight, ecspecially the 12 year old you are a good size for your height. Simply increase your outside activites and you will see your body more toned. To thy onself be true!!! Always remember, no one will ever like you, if you don’t like yourself first.

Much love, Shay!

Answer #4

(1)try sucking in your belly button area of your belly (2) try eating fruits and veggies (3) less soda is a great idea , water is the way to go. (4) no beef. grilled chicken is the best (5) good posture. sit back on seats and shoulders back. no slouching!!
these will fer sure help with in a month or less. I am also 14 and I googled it haha

Answer #5

well this is how I’ve done it start with breakfast- 2 boiled eggs get rid of the yolk if bread is a must 1 slice of wheat bread toasted and limit yourself 2 three sausage links I use brown and serve turkey links no coffee tea tea tea always better. lunch- salad if at work or bring your lunch and you can snack but in a healthy way carrots, cucumbers,celery anything healthy not all fruits are good 4 us they carry sugar so be careful dinner-boiled or baked is always better watch your rice intake brown rice is best everything is about portion I noticed our taste buds make us crave for more food but if you pay attention our belly doesn’t no soda absolutely none choose drinks with less sugar vitamin water is good don’t starve yourself do eat but healthy and last but not least actually the most important EXERCISE*VERY IMPORTANT IT MUST BE DONE EVERYDAY THAT’S WHAT KEEPS US TONED AND HEALTHY FOR THE HEART GOOD LUCK

Answer #6

You can loose best by cutting out junk food, sodas, caffine, cut back on breads and pastas. Also drink at least 64 oz. water daily. Eat six times a day 3 meals and 3 snacks to keep metabolism up. Space eating times at least 2 hours apart, and try to finish eating for the day before 6:00 PM. Walking is the best exercise!!! I have followed this plan for two weeks now and have lost 4 inches all over my body with 5 inches off my waist! I walk one mile each evening, and carry hand weights 3 times a week when I walk. Walk briskly, but you should be able to still carry on a conversation while walking.

Answer #7

hello I was just going through here and thought I would comment here. I’ve been if the army for a few years now and boarder line and sometimes have to loss weight quick. Deffinitly anything thats carbinated will add a lot of weight. dont laugh but I went on the colon cleanser that you can find at walmart. it help a bit. And the the best type of in house exercizing is my exercize wheel. It works everything. If you do around 30 a night then you will see a big difference. Hope it works out for you. thanks

Answer #8

three words. special. k. diet. it really works! especially if you’re strict with it. but just living off cereal for a while won’t do the trick. you must exercise too!!! its completely necessary. not that you have to do a fast paced intense workout routine. cardio is the best thing you can possibly do. even if your heart rate is up just a little. get that blood pumping. I lost about 5 inches in one month. just gotta be patient.

Answer #9

Is there a way that I can lose 5-6+ inches in a month? I am not trying to go on a diet! If there is a way to lose weight as well, that would be great. Please let me know ASAP. I am a 5’4” male who has a 37 3/4” waist.

I posted this question before I found out where to ask questions. Please delete this question!

Answer #10

right all these under 18 year olds need to get off this! why on earth would you want to be 5 stone you will look horrific! the person who is 12 years old you need to get off this site , how on earth did these children get like this? Go and be a child eat what you like, run around and enjoy yourself before your metabolism slows down!

Answer #11

Hey hun, I have been losing 2-3 inches a week off my waist by eating around 800cals a day drinking TONS of water and doing Tae Bo Amped Abs. I started with a 52inch waist now I have a 39 in waist, and still sheddin til I get down to where I am satified. It took about 2 months to get me here…but I am So proud of myself :) you can try that if you like. It’s not a fast paced or difficult exercise and its easy to catch onto. I got my vids from walmart but I am sure if you look online you can find them :)

GOOD LUCK, Sweetie !!

Answer #12

Well I am 5ft 3inches and I was 187 lbs. I began with a plan that consist of my current weight, my goal weight, how much I wanted to loose and when I wanted to loose it by. I started in May and ended in August. I stop all alochol beverages, junk & fried food, beef and pork. I walked 3miles, drank smoothies & plenty of water daily. My goal was to loose 2 lbs per week until I reached 150 lbs. It work. Also eat boiled eggs, fruits, salad w/fat-free dressing, and celery & carrot sticks when hungry for snacks.

Answer #13

HI I am 15 and I am normal but I want to lose a couple of pounds or something like that. I don’t care if I get ill but I really want to lose fat around my legs. I am going to try the 3 day diet from I hope it works. BTW to stay fit and healthy and lose weight try: drinking lemon with a tea spoon of honey mixed in luke warm water first thing in the morning. I have been trying that for a month and it tones everything. Or if you prefer try green tea in the morning that works too. GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE INCLUDING ME!

Answer #14

I am 12 and barely 5 ft. and I weigh 115. I would like to get down to 85lbs. if any body could help me.. with out pills or starving, I would be greatly appreciated..thanks

Answer #15

hey, im 12 but I want 2 lose some weight off my waist. I am 4 foot 11 inches and weight 88 pounds but my waist is 28 inches!!! is that normal? I’ve seen some other girls in my class who are fat…no offense 2 them…but I don’t want 2 end up fat with a waist of like 40 or something!!!

Answer #16

for you guys who say kids shouldnt worry about there weight they should because most of the world is filled with over weight kids do you want to see them die annd19.8 million kids die in the us every year because of it

Answer #17

You know everything comes with determination. You don’t need to sit here and come up with this drastic diet and stop enjoying everything to lose weight. It’s all about your proportions. Yes, you should do some type of excersising everyday and challenge yourself. Today I’m going to run for 20 minutes tomorrow I’m going to shoot for 25 minutes. But again you don’t need to stop eating or go down to 800 freaking caleries a day. That’s crazy! And for the children that are on here. Firstly, you need to enjoy being kid. Second, at your age it’s incredibly dangerous. My advice is to lay off of some of the junk junk foods. Not stop eating it, but instead of just grabbing the whole bag of chips go get a cup and get a hand full. It’s all about proportions and also it has a lot to do with just eating because your bored or for entertainment. Don’t give up go gradual and work your way up, but certainly don’t make your life miserable and don’t give it all up.

Answer #18

first of all, losing weight is the hardest thing especially when you don’t want to starve yourself or don’t like to eat healthy. I am struggling with losing weight myself, and I’ll have to say losing weight is not just something you would do only for 2 months, it’s a life time commitments. first off,do not count calories, but watch for the portions. eat small meals and only three times a day, don’t snack if you don’t have to. also exercise is the main thing here, run as much as the can but don’t overdue it. Don’t run three hours can run two to three hours, but tomorrow let your body relax. it’s best to run one hr and then do one hr of yoga or pilates five times a week. if you do this and eat as little as you possibly can, you will see your results. people may say why you eat so little, so what, if that’s what it takes to lose couple of pounds and feel better then go for it.I did it and I felt great as long as you are not starving last note: after you get to the weight you like, treat yourself to a fast food you like.

Answer #19

There is a website. once you get to the web page look on the left hand side and click on cardiac diet menu. The full menu will come up its calle the three day diet you will lose up to ten pounds in three days and four the next four you can eat what you want but dont over do it. Dont worry its nothing crazy and it wont hurt you, they use it in the hospitals to help obese people lose weight faster when they have to get surgery. I use it and it has worked for me. Good luck to whoever tries it

Answer #20

I just cant lose weight at awl im 14 5,6 and weigh 9 and a half stone I want to get down to 5

Answer #21

drink an 8onc glass of water every hour for 8 hours. drinking lots of water will help your blater flow better then you will let out more liquids, lossing inches and weight!

Answer #22

Thats not healthy…800 cals a day…you’ll end up putting the weight back on plus more…

Answer #23

by CHELSEY—ab workouts, hoolahoop…it works!…I’m a personal trainer and I’m gonna come to this website a lot…this is the deal…most people think you have to eat less..and eat 3 times a day…but it’s better to eat small amounts every 2-3 hours. I lost 7 inches in 2 weeks doin this…this is good to follow if your a diabetic too…less soda and candy…more fruit and grains…also body twist. with this information you should lose weight from your waist in no time…try it…see you next week!

Answer #24

omg! that gut is just weird.I doont have your answer but if you look around the site. tons of people have the similar question. good luck :)

Answer #25

please help me im 14 years old and VERY over weight…I’ve had this weight for so long and I really need to lose it for my health…I dont want to crash diet just want to eat healthy…anyone have any advise?

Answer #26

i am 24 years old .I am overweight.My waist measures 45 inches .I want to lose 10 inches off my waist in 10 weeks. I go for walk twice daily for an hour and do side bending (100 per side) and front bending (100) after walk. for breakfast i take up fruit. i have honey water with luke warm water before going fr walk for lunch i take 2 rotis with some boiled vegetable or sprouts after cuming from walk i have fruit and have nothing after 7 pm. only water after 7 pm and have one litre luke warm water before going to bed. will this help me lose 10 inches off my waist in 10 weeks or till Nov 5th…ur experienced thats why i m asking you.

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