How to motivate myself to lose weight?

my name is liz I am 14yrs old 5’10 and 228 pound. My problem is that I weigh a lot but dont look fat because im tall but since I have been little I have been pretty chubby. but now that I am older I want to feel good about myself and I don’t want to be fat no more. I tried throwing up tried to stop eating but I see that I shouldn’t do that and should be doing it the right way can anyone help me in anyway?

Answer #1

Sometimes the truth is not what we want to hear…but…losing weight is not an easy or fun process. It’s especially not easy when you have quite a bit of weight to lose. Finding the motivation to start a diet/exercise plan is simple right? You can envision yourself 20+ lbs. thinner…you start looking at swimsuits…you imagine yourself in cooler clothes…you can picture yourself waking up and feeling good…etc. However, maintaining that motivation is usually the most difficult part of trying to lose weight and once the motivation is gone, the lbs. just won’t seem to come off. If you want to lose weight, you really have to commit to it. You have to make a promise to yourself that no matter what, you are going to achieve your goal. Your happiness in life is what is most important. If you can’t feel confident out in the world, how can you get where you want to be in life? Allow me to quote you for a moment…”I tried throwing up tried to stop eating but I see that I shouldn’t do that and should be doing it the right way can anyone help me in anyway?” Do you know what the right way is? It is never healthy to become bulimic or anorexic. My advice to you is to eat a healthy diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, chicken, fish…etc…foods low in fat. Get out and exercise! Just going for daily walks can help! Join a sport in school…I’m not sure where you live, but if the weather is warm enough, start jogging, roller blading, riding a bike. Take the stairs when you can rather than an elevator. Ask some of your friends if they want to get together and play some laser tag or a group sport rather than watching tv/video games/movies. You get the drift? You’re very young and it’s great that you want to take care of your body, just make sure that you are doing it in a healthy way. You are still growing and the decisions you make now can have an impact on your health for the rest of your life! Be smart. Exercise…eat right…and since your young it really is easier for the lbs. to come off due to a higher metabolism (that is, assuming that you do have a normal metabolism). Keep yourself motivated…you’re doing this for you! You want to feel good! It will take some time, but the slower the weight comes off, the more permanent the changes will be due to the lifestyle that you adapted to! You can do it! Tell your friends to help support you, and most importantly…DON’T LOSE THE MOTIVATION!

Answer #2

hey I have the same problum I was 240 when I was 13 and in about a month and a half I lost 80 pounds and it really wasnt to bad for me once a day I would drink just one cup of whole milk and now eat or drink any thing else all day except water for about 7days at a time I would lose 20 pounds and when I exercised to I would lose 30 to 35 pounds in only 7 days but for motivation for me I wanted a guy really bad and thats what helped me but just think of somthing you want or just do it couse you will be so happy when your done I mean I have more to lose still but trust me when you have to go to the store to buy smaller pants its all worth it

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