How can I lose a bit of weight quickly?

I’m Short And Kind Of Chunky..But Not Too Really Too Bad. I Just Want To Loos 5-10 Pounds, But In A Fast Amount Of Time. Does Anyone Know of How I can Accomplish This? Thanks Alot If You Help :D

Answer #1

The fastest way in my opinion is to drink loads upon loads of water, start doing 30 minutes of cardio a day and eat low carb. That does not mean just eat meat. Eat meats, cheeses, low carb veggies and completely cut out sugars, breads, pastas, all that for two weeks.

A lot of people lose a good 20 lbs in two weeks doing that, especially if it’s their first time. Don’t count on it, but you’ll definitely drop some pounds with a quickness. But get that Dr. Atkin’s book and start reading it to determing if it’s a long-term way of eating for you. It’s a personal decision.

But if I need to drop a few quickly, I start low carbing for a couple of weeks. I adopted the low carb lifestyle about three years ago and I love it. But sometimes I want to lose some and I go super strict for a few weeks. It works, babydoll.

Some say it’s unhealthy but that’s because some people don’t read the Dr.’s book and think it’ sjust eating meat and cheese all day. That’s so not it.

Give it a shot. And by the way–isn’t it tiring to capitalize the first letter of everyword? You don’t need to do that, hun. It’s not proper grammar anyway.

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