How to look hot if my boobs aren't that big?

I wanna have sex with this guy but im very self conscious and im worried about what he’ll think when he sees me naked (kindof silly I know but still!…) so yeh first do you guys really pay attention when you’re having sex? and what can I do to seem more attractive in bed? thx and NO stupid replys..

Answer #1

yeah big boobs arent the best I like having a girl with a nice butt. so if you have a nice butt with small boobs everything is ok for you no worries about it

Answer #2

Nah…not silly at all, we are all self conscious about one thing or another. Most guys are concerned about the size of their …so he is probably just as worried…lol. Just relax and dim the lights or maybe turn them off in the beginning so you are both more comfortable. Personally, I like small breasts…not all guys want big ones…

Answer #3

It’s all down to personal prefference, I personally think smaller ones are better more than I handfull is a waste ^^.

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