How to learn a song by heart?

I’m playing in a concert next week (I’m playing the flute) and I have to learn the song by heart. No matter how many times I run it through I can only remember the first line. I also tried making the notes into a song and spent 2 hours looking through it. Is there an easier way to learn it (the song by the way, is called ‘PataPan’) I really need your advice, Thank You so much <3

Answer #1

practice practice practice. I play several intstruments, and I find that simple repetition is the best method to memorizing a song. I would also suggest downloading a recording of that song and trying to pick the flute part out in the piece so you can hear how it should sound to your audience.

Answer #2

I would say practice it looking at it manny times and then try looking not looking at it. Put all your hadr work at it because it seems really special. Practice anytime you have. Put all the times you have to it, and forget about going out for a while just to do that. Sometimes you have to give up some things but you know the hard work really pays off!!

I hope you do a great job!!:)

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