How to kiss someone at school?

This boy really likes me (he told me) and I really like him but we are both not aloud to date until we are 16 and he has a super protective mom so I can't even like hang out with him. He has even told me that he has wanted to kiss me over the phone. If I want to do it at school, because it seems as if I have no other option, how and were should I do it so nobody catches us and it isn't awkward after it happens?

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Well... Do you guys have any after-school activities at your school? Because you could both say that you have a meeting after school an instead walk around somewhere on a date for a little bit. For example, say there is an art club meeting and you want to go to see what they do. Say it will be about a half hour long so you'll be home a little later. Then tell "him" to meet you somewhere after school and go to a place that's romantic but covered, like woods I guess. When your there just make small talk and stuff that will eventually lead up to a kiss. (just so you know, one kiss usually leads to another) so once youve got your fill just walk home or something :)
hope this helps!
P.S. I know this from experience ;)

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ok, well my friend did this, and never got caught, she just told me that she did it.
you could do something like arrange to go out at lunch... and maybe meet up and have a lil kiss... or you could just talk to him and see what could be done.

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Umm problems questionquestion, my school doesn't have a forest or anywhere covered and I can't walk home. What to do? What to do? But great advice by the way and thanks

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