How to kiss my boyfriends if its his first??

I tried to explain to him and he just doesnt understand. I have kissed guys before. He has never kissed a girl before.

Answer #1

WELL…go for a long walk (night)…or do dinner wit each other…main idea is just spend quality time wit each other…make him feel your presence…get close 2 each other.hug each other…I’m sure whn you go different wayz I mean you at your home and he also somewhere den something stuck in his mind…come close 2 him …dis is d perfect moment fr kissin…n please don’t tell him everytime that you kissed guys before…may b he’s nt doin dis cz he might b thinking that itz nt a new thing fr u…alright…kissin at perfect time is something I can’t express…do funmail me…tellin your experience…GD LCK

Answer #2

Spend a few hours with him first, cinema or something. Then hold his hand, and whenever he looks into your eyes, smile. Then stare into his eyes for a few minutes and then go in for a kiss. Make sure its special,First kisses are always remembered. Or in my case, mine will :).x Hope I helpeddd :D.x

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