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Should you wear lipgloss when you kiss?

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I guess you could say that om scard to make out with a guy. I don't know what to do and I have soo meany questions. That I hope you can answer for me...
1) wher your kissing where do you breath?
2) how do you move your toung around?
3)what do you do with your hands?
4)how can you tell that they want to kiss u?
5) what do you say when they are done kissing u?
6) how do you tell them to stop kissing u?
7) when you are kissing do you keep your eyes closed the whole time?
8)where will he put his hands?
9) what if he like keeps going and then he is wanting to have sex?
10)should you wear lip gloss er not? Is so what color?
11) where do you put your feet?
12)where would b the best place for a first makout?
13) should you makout when both of you are alone?
14) what kind of sings will they give u?
15) what if you have something stuck in your teeth?
16) what if you have gum in your mouth?
17)when would b the best time to give a kiss?
Thats all I have and I hope someone can answer all og these for mee...thanks( :