How to kill infection in a lip piercing?

Well I got my lip pierced a few weeks ago and I have a 16 gauge ring but I think my lip is infected =’[ advice on how to get rid of the infection would be awesome =dd

Answer #1

Hmmm. I’ve never gotten the spray before… I will have to look into that. They usually just tell me to rinse my mouth with salt water and biotine… I feel as though I have been shafted! lol

Answer #2

I have learned that alcohol tends to irritate the tissues. With my lip piercing I had to rinse my mouth with biotene mouthwash each time I ate or drank anything other than water. I used peroxide to clean the skin outside of my mouth about 3 times a day. You should however go to your doctor. Oral piercing infections can get incredibly nasty very quickly!

Answer #3

keep it clean and disofect it but don’t clean to much, there are certain germs in your mouth that you need. If it gets really bad see a doctor. be sure to wash your hands before handle’n your piercing. Your hand are covered in germs and you’ll make tha germs multiply. good luck! =]

Answer #4

get alchoal and put it on a towel or somthing and just dap it on the inffected area thats what I did

Answer #5

Schedule an appointment with your doctor, and use hydrogen peroxide on it in the mean time.

Answer #6

Um…go to the doctor!.

Answer #7

well I usually just tend to rinse my mouth with warm salt water about 2 or 3 times a day…BUT DONT SWALLOW IT!

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