How to improve your english accent?

Well, Im not a natural english speaker, and my frens often say that my accent sounds funny and weird. How can I improve on my accent and my pronunciation? You know anyway how to learn the American accent, cause I really like that accent:).

Answer #1

curious, im english and the stuff you said was utter crap and un-neccesary, anyways id just listen 2 guide on english and watch some shows and hang out with english people

Answer #2

what the hell you mean english accent like british accent because if so we dont sound like the posh snobs they portray us to be in the movies we actually dont really have an accent unless your a londer or a scouse but otherwise we sound like normal people you know like not all americans have that strong accent

Answer #3

speaking english with native speakers is very important to improve your accent and also watch a lot of english shows, news , movies etc.. do not listen only , you have to watch so you get to see how they move their lips when speaking ,
I hope this helps

Answer #4

Just read and write as much English as possible, hang around people that speak it a lot and try to mimic their pronunciation, really the best way in my honest opinion.

Answer #5

This is my biggest Advice (im asian too!): watch tv-mostly cartoons- A LOT

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