How to hide or get rid of scars?

How to hide or get rid of cutting Scars?

Answer #1

right it might sound gilie like but it works. bio-oil any good chemist will sell it, it works miracles. litterally. it got rid of mine from doing it on my arms. it takes time but its the result you should be happy with.

Answer #2

You don’t want to cut yourself God and Jesus don’t want you to and I don’t either, but if you want to git rid of them then you can use coco butter.:)

Answer #3

coco butter helps with stretch marks but not so much on “cutting” scars.

bio-oil … like previously stated … works the best.

Answer #4

Mederma Scar cream. I have never used it. but I scar really bad, and people have told me to use it. good luck man.

Answer #5

rite now im wearing fishnets armwarmers.. hides them but you can still look hardcore… foundation can help-

Answer #6

I used coco butter on a scar and it went away try it

Answer #7

I hear that coco butter works. That lotion stuff

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