How to have sex without messing up?

Ok so I’m 15 and my boyfriend is 17. We’ve been dating for almost 4 months. I really wanna have sex with him and he told me the same thing. (although what guy doesn’t want sex?) we’ve decide to wait until the weekend my parents ar going to Mexico for their anniversary which is in 3 weeks. My boyfriend asked me if I liked it the first night if we could do it a second night and I said sure. He aslo asked if we did do it a second night if he could tie me to the bed and let him experience with me? What should I do? I need tips fast! Help me!?!?

Answer #1

ahhh, if you like it the first night, then im sure you’ll like it strapped to a bed the second night. however, tell him in advance just kinda giggle, and jokingly say like “I cannot believe im letting you do this” and let him know if you are a bit uneasy about the idea, if you decide to let him try it, once he starts, you can always back out, and remember stayyy protected ! and I know people are like blah blah blah your fifteen, guess what im fifteen too, and I just do it safely. and I’d advise the same thing to you, if your going to do it, your going to do it. no one can stop you so just stay protected ! hope this helped !

Answer #2

I don’t see anything wrong with that. just go with whatever you wish to do. be very creative with having sex. just remember to use condoms and have lots of it so that in case you still want to go for many rounds more you will be protected.

Answer #3

well its all up to you on that…

Answer #4

I dont know what to say to that…

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