How to give him a boner?

Ok so me and my boy have been dating for a month and a half..and I only get to see him at school. but during football games I would always give him a boner just by rubbing up against him, and I love it! It just makes me smile, knowing I give him the feelin :)

anyways, any helpful tips on how to give him a boner while just haning around him at lunch, also what are some good ways at getting him horny??

lots of love~Natalie!

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Grab his A#$ and stuff... Most of the time it just takes looking at a guy to turn him on...Ask him to help you adjust your bra.

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agreed, getting him hard in school could be embarassing. wait till your at home.


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I dont think you should give him a erection while in school...that might be embarrassing for him.

How do you give a guy a boner without being slutty?
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uhmm... maybe giving him flirty looks :)

How to tell if your boyfriend has a boner??

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- whisper dirty things in his ear
- put his hand on your but

Really, just be anywhere near him and that should do it.

How do you give a boner?

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