How to get the code for my locked cell phone?

Ok, I dont remember putting a code on my phone and it was just working yesterday. So is there any way I could get the code?

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My phone did that too and it was my last for ditges in my phone numberr... try that

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Go to your companoies website and on the account you have all the information should be there.

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that happened to me too! lol
you should contact the company and mayb theyl give it to u, thats what I did haha

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call your phone company the will ask you your name and pass code and might ask you your address but the will have it on file or be able to resign you a new one

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try 0000 or 00000000 or the last digits of your number if youve never used it before those are probably it otherwise call the company

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which phone do you have ? Use default security codes to break code from your phone . If the codes are not working, use Master reset code to reset it . It is available at . Here, they generate codes for old model Nokia DCT and Alcatel phones .

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