How to get Super Glue off your fingers???

my friends stuck my fingers together at school, lol. I got them apart but how do I get the glue off your fingers?

Answer #1

nail polish remover that contains acetone.

if that doesn’t work, I would be surprized if it was still on your fingers after a week.

Answer #2

dont listen to that person. Get some bleach(just a little on your fingers, rub it for 30 secs, then wash with hot water for the next minute or so…it happnes all the time and works like a charm

Answer #3

Keep rolling the skin - it should gradually let go.

Answer #4

gget a debonder

Answer #5

Run warm water over your fingers. Warm water loosens up almost any adhesive.

Answer #6

Yeah, bleach would probably work but so does nail polish remover.

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