How to get sexy and slim body?

Hello. How to get sexy and slim body? I've lost my determination. What should I do now?

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I take uppers whenever I lose some morale and determination. Like anything with caffiene and nitrous oxide. But yes a partner helps to motivate you as well as a lot of mirrors lol.

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just eat the food you want , like chocolate, chips, watever who cares.. I do sport twice a week, tennis mondays, soccer at school on wednesdays... I know I'l get fat one day, but for now? who cares!?!?

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find someone to excercise with. to workout with. its really hard to do this on your own. it helps if you have someone to support you and be your strength in times of weakness like this.

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Pilates & Yoga, :D

It sounds like an old person thing, but it really gets you into shape fasst.
And makes you more flexible and relaxed.

And yogurt is a good food if you want to get slim, quick.
It tastes good too.

<3 !

How can I get a slim healthy body?

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