How to get rid of problemsome fat?

Alright am a bit overweight but not extremely so I want to run and burn off weight but every time I loose weight I still have fat on my lower belly and inner thighs and I wanted to know some exercises I could do to get rid of that fat.

Answer #1

Are you female? I am guessing yes… It is normal for us to have fat on our bellys and thighs sadly. even males sometimes havea little fat in those spots, This does not mean you are overweight, I am relatively fit and I definately have a tummy! I also have annoying fat on my thighs. Eat right! A lot of people think excercising can replace a healthy diet or vice versa. Terrible mistake! 1 needs1 in order to make 2…

ok so lets say you are overweight or need to get healthier, try walking. it can do wonders. or alternate between walking and running. often times sit ups/lunges/side lateral jumps help. good luck :)

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